Homecare Solutions

Homecare Solutions are easy to use, bespoke systems, caring for people in their own home or home environment. It provides reassurance to relatives and carers that their loved ones are safe and aids their independence.


Under our Homecare Solutions brand we have developed a unique concept for the care of people in their home, using smart technology to create a flexible and easy to use system. It gives reassurance to relatives and carers that their loved ones are safe and can help maintain their independence and health.

The system is wireless and has a dedicated secure cloud with a free downloadable app for your phone or tablet. You will have 24/7 access giving peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted for emergencies but just as important non-emergencies and able to check that your loved ones are safe at anytime from anywhere.*

Homecare Solutions brochure


For further information download our Homecare Solutions brochure here.



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Also visit our demonstration system  (click here) to experience how a live system reports

Simply send us an email and we will provide you with log on details to our demonstration  system.



Homecare solutions wireless accessories and features can include:

Monitor sleep patterns – Sensors detect and log sleep patterns for up to 30 days-reporting sleep time, wake up times and sleep duration (deep sleep and light awake).

Emergency notifications – When an emergency alert occurs or a panic button is pressed the system will send a “siren alert” to all users with the phone app to ensure the alert is not missed. Also as a back up  five separate emails accounts and five separate sms will also be sent.

Temperature report – Sensors monitor the temperature of  rooms and can send alerts if it changes above or below set levels.

Activity reports – Sensors detect movement of a person(s)and detects the opening and closing of doors within the home, it will also send alerts if no activity is detected in a set period (day and night time settings). The system can also alert you when the property is empty.

Hazard notifications – Various hazard sensors can provide immediate alerts when high or low limits are reached including; smoke / heat, C02, gas, flood and light.

Event log – The systems event log retains data up to 30 days .

Intruder alarm – If you are away from the property for a longer period the system can easily be set as a security alarm so if an intrusion occurs alerts would be sent.


Below is an example of an average system size. However with the system being wireless its very flexible and can meet most individual needs and budgets. Whether you simply want to monitor the access to and from a single door or a fully integrated system we can build a package to suit.  If you require a quote for equipment or the monthly subscription or have any queries please do not hesitate to call us or send an email and we will be more than happy to help and answer any questions you might have.  

• 1 x  Main Control with Seven day history -unlimited emails to five separate accounts and thirty five sms texts pcm to five separate numbers – with mobile support with free app and web access to multi-account holders.

• 3 x Magnetic Contacts.

• 4 x Movement sensors.

• 1x Smoke/heat detector.

• 1x Emergency pendant.

• 1x Temperature sensor.

• 1x annual service and full warranty package.

*System is connected via the internet.