PowerMaster the ulltimate in home security

Powermaster system

Smart monitoring

This professional (patent-pending) revolutionary wireless technology system is introducing a new era in the alarm systems industry.

It fully answers the most demanding needs facing the security industry today, as well as the challenges of tomorrow.

It has Superior wireless range, prolonged battery life and unmatched reliability and robustness. It provides numerous advantages for end users, installers and central monitoring stations.

We at 3 alarms ltd offer a “one stop” solution in protecting your home – we can install the most robust and reliable system on the market, visually and audibly monitor the alarm via its PIR cameras to eliminate false alarms and only call the emergency services in a real emergency. We can also remotely diagnose and isolate any faults 24/7 giving you full peace of mind that you have the best security and support available.

• EN50131 grade 2 compliant.

• Unique Wi-Fi/IP advanced security monitoring.

• Power link technology – 24-7 remote engineering.

• Prolonged battery life with unmatched wireless robustness, superior transmission range and encryption.

• Smart tech LCD touch key pad with proximity readers

• Stores 3000 + log entries

• Low battery indication.

• Wireless internal / external siren.

• Gas, Fire, Heat, Medical, Carbon monoxide accessories.

• GSM/GPRS module

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