Smart Home Technology

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 Smart Home Technology

Ultimate total monitoring

3 alarms limited have worked very closely with the manufacture and software developer to create not only a EN50131 grade 1 security system – but a total monitor system for the modern home- not only can you control electrical appliances but with various network of sensors you are immediately notified when an event or non-event has occurred. Using the unique free app on your smart phone, pc or tablet you can easily continually monitor your home 24/7 for emergency and non-emergency events.

With a simple click of a button you can see your Co2 levels , electrical use , motion throughout the property, sleep patterns , inactivity , panic , flood , temperature alerts being able to study various patterns in a chart formats, up to 4 weeks of information. All this information is stored on the unique cloud. The system can be set up as simple as monitoring the activity of one door or a fully integrated system monitoring all movement.

Alerts can be sent to 5 separate emails as well a 5 separate sms you will never be out of touch of whats happening.

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• Unique to 3 Alarms ltd – distributor advantage

• Instant / Immediate Monitoring- App, Email & SMS alerts

• Intruder / Movement / Co2 / Gas / Medical / Temperature / Light/ AC / Smoke / Flood / Turn appliances on /off

• Easy to use with phone /tablet /pc

• Chart format 4 week history

• Wireless – no fuss, no mess, easy to install

• Remote 24/7 access from anywhere

• Multi Users see who turned on / off and when

• Latch Key – entry /Exit log

• Low battery indication

• Long Battery Life

• Sleep pattern / Inactivity alerts

• Wireless internal siren

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