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Alarms & Security Systems Norwich

Why Choose 3 Alarms for your home security in Norwich?


3 Alarms have always focused our strategy on the fact it’s not our job to catch burglars, but to deter, detect and eject intruders from your property as quickly as possible. 

Did you know that homes without security measures are five times more likely to be burgled that those with simple security measures in place? Your peace of mind and the safety of your loved ones are priceless. At 3 Alarms we understand this.

We recognise traditional concerns around home security systems. Issues such as false alarms, high costs and inconvenience can deter many homeowners investing in home security in  Norwich. However with smart technology, these concerns can be a thing of the past.

At 3 Alarms, we are more than a security company – we are your partners in safeguarding what matters most. As a family run business with over two decades of experience and SSAIB accreditation, you can trust us to deliver security systems and solutions built for you. 

Pet Friendly Technology 

Our smart systems and cameras are designed to distinguish between pets and potential threats, ensuring your furry friends can roam freely without triggering false alarms. 

Convenient Control 


With out intuitive app, you can easily control and monitor your security system or camera from anywhere, giving you peace of mind wherever you are – even when your are away from your Norwich home.    



Our systems boast a false alarm rate of less than 1% and in the rare event of an issue, our team can remotely diagnose and fix it promptly, minimising disruption to your daily life.  

Affordable Protection

Say goodbye to hefty monthly fees. Our smart alarm and smart camera systems contain everything you need from motion to detectors. With a bespoke quote from 3 Alarms, we will tailor your smart security system to fit your needs – with no unnecessary costs or add ons. 

Don’t leave your home’s security to chance. Contact us now for a quote.

See the latest crime figures across all Norwich policing areas and protect your property with alarms and security systems in Norwich, Norfolk and the surrounding areas with 3 Alarms.  

If you need a bespoke quote please let us know your requirements


Norwich is the county town of Norfolk and has over 200,000 residents. A cathedral town, Norwich is served by the Norfolk Constabulary, the Norfolk fire and rescue service and the East of England ambulance service.

Norwich suffered heavy bombing damages during the Second World War – with it’s industrial and rail infrastructure targeted. Large scale redevelopment of the city followed the end of the war, with residential, leisure and business sites all greatly expanded.

Once England’s ‘second city’, today Norwich is home to a thriving student population thanks to East Anglia University and was named the UK’s greenest city in 2006.

Are you looking for an alarm sysTEm for commercial premises?