Are you looking for an alarm sysTEm for commercial premises?


No honest alarm company can guarantee that you will not be burgled – while the most robust alarm system that money can buy can deter/prevent a burglary, the cost versus the risk versus the client’s lifestyle requirements will always have to be considered.

3 Alarms have always focused our strategy on the fact it’s not our job to catch burglars, but to deter, detect and eject the burglar from your property as quickly as possible.

We have always sought out the latest products and suppliers that will do this quickly and efficiently – currently, our recommendation would be to install the Visonic PowerMaster 30 with 2-Way communication panel enabled with CAMERA PIR’s  professionally monitored.

This is how it works:

• Within seconds, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) would receive visual images from the PIR cameras and sequential verification alerts (more than one sensor being triggered).

• The ARC then opens “2-Way” communication via the alarm panel. (i.e they can speak to the person in the property and demand the property’s unique verbal password).

• Then, if no verification is forthcoming, the ARC will call the police and then call the client to make them fully aware of the developing situation.

Visual verification

In 87% of real burglaries when our ARC have asked for the verbal “password” the intruders flee the property before the police have even be called.
Don’t want or need a monitored system, you can always monitor your property yourself. All our systems respond within seconds of an alarm triggering and our dedicated server will immediately push notifications or images to you mobile via the app.
We are one of only a handful of alarm companies that detect intruders, using a combination of Visual, 2-Way audio & sequential verification. We find this always gets a great response from the police as we can confirm the intruder is still on site and can give detailed descriptions of the intruders.

Our Alarm Specification for insurance purposes: –  PD6662:2017 – Monitored not including BS8243 – Key holder response – With sequential, visual and audio verification. Grade 2 System- Alarm Transmission System ATS – Dual Path DP4 – Notification option F or Single Path SP4 – Notification option D

Siren only PD6662:2017 – Audible only, Grade 2 System, Notification option E.

Are you looking for an alarm sysTEm for commercial premises?

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