Are you looking for an alarm sysTEm for commercial premises?


Our Doorbell – Smart Lights, Smart Gateway Bundle Kit is the perfect security camera bundle for those looking to embrace the benefits of a full automation system without the need for a traditional security panel. 

This cost-effective all-in-one solution is designed for convenience, effectiveness and peace of mind.  

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Key Features

Our dedicated Wi-Fi gateway eliminates the need for a security panel, offering a full automation system.

Even before the doorbell is pressed, our intelligent analytics detect movement in the protected area and automatically send push notifications and even turn on the lights in your home.

App Management: Easily manage rules and analytics through the app, allowing for customization to suit your needs, with the option to set up specific areas of concern for human, car, or pet detection.

Cloud Storage: Store up to 1000 video clips per month in the cloud.

External security lights are well-known deterrents for potential theft. Our bundle takes this concept a step further.

Picture this scenario: a potential intruder enters your drive at 2 am, and suddenly, the upstairs internal light turns on.

Push Notifications: You’ll also receive a push notification alerting you to the movement detection.

Video Clips: Get a video clip also sent to you of the detected movement.

Customise your video alerts to focus on people, vehicles, animals or specific areas of your property. Only get alerts about what matters most to you.

The doorbell in our kit includes an internal chime, which can be placed centrally within your home. You can also open two-way speech communication via the app, making it ideal for interactions with delivery personnel even when you’re not at home.

One of our satisfied customers loved the fact that he could see his takeaway had arrived even before the delivery person pressed the doorbell. The kit’s battery is long-lasting, typically lasting 3-6 months depending on usage.

External Camera Option: If you already have a smart doorbell, you can easily swap it out for our external camera with perimeter guard functionality. No additional cost.

Are you looking for an alarm sysTEm for commercial premises?

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