Are you looking for an alarm sysTEm for commercial premises?


The PowerMaster GT-64 Kit is the ultimate home alarm choice for customers seeking professional monitoring, visual verification, and 2-way audio communication. This smart alarm system is designed to provide robust security with the convenience of quick installation and ease of use.

Upgrade your security with the PowerMaster GT-64 Kit – a reliable, professional-grade solution with advanced features that put you in control. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with visual verification, professional monitoring, and top-tier security.

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  • 1 x GT64 Panel
  • 2 x CAM-PIRS (Room Detectors)
  • 1 x Magnetic Contact (Door or Window)
  • 1 x Decoy Siren with 24/7 Flash (Fitted at Height)
  • 2 x Key Fobs (for Arm/Disarm)
  • Professional Monitoring: Enjoy peace of mind with professional monitoring services.
  • Visual Verification: Standard in this kit, visual verification enhances security.
  • 2-Way Audio: Stay connected with 2-way audio speech capabilities.
  • Watch Video :
  • Equipment Warranty: Benefit from a 24-month equipment warranty.
  • Pet-Friendly PIRS: Detect intruders while accommodating pets up to 36KG.
  • Smoke/Heat Detector: Enhance your system with an optional add-on.
  • Convenient Keypad: Add a keypad for additional user convenience.
  • Additional PIRS: £65*

  • Magnetic Contacts: £46*

  • Key Fobs: £38*

  • Smoke/Heat Detector: £75*

  • CAM-PIR: £95

  • Keypad: £75*

  • 64 Wireless Zones: Customize your system to meet your specific needs.
  • Supports Partitions: Partition your security system for added control.
  • 1000 Log Entries: Store and access a comprehensive log of system activity.
  • Remote Configuration: Configure, update software, and diagnose issues remotely, 24/7.
  • PowerG Peripherals: Choose from an extensive range of PowerG peripherals for every application.
  • Long-Lasting PowerG Peripherals: PowerG peripherals, including PIRs, have lithium batteries lasting between 4-8 years for typical use.
  • 128 AES Encryption: Safeguard your system against sophisticated intruders and code grabbing attempts.

No Broadband? No Problem!: If you lack a broadband connection, you can opt for a GSM unit at an additional cost of £159.00*. A SIM card subscription is required, priced at just £4.95* per month.

Please note that prices are subject to change and may vary. Contact us for the most up-to-date pricing information.


* All prices are subject to VAT

Are you looking for an alarm sysTEm for commercial premises?

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