Are you looking for an alarm sysTEm for commercial premises?


The Smart External Camera with Perimeter Guard is a powerful addition to any security setup. 

The outdoor wireless IP fixed camera is designed with intelligent video analytics, HDR video, a wide field of view and the ability to detect movement in protected areas- going the extra mile to provide peace of mind, clarity and control. 

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Key Features

This camera uses intelligent video analytics to detect and capture all movement in the protected areas, automatically sending push notifications to your device.

Communicate with visitors before opening the door using the two- way audio functionality. You can hear and speak to visitors, enhancing your control over your property.

Enjoy clear, high-definition video footage both day and night, thanks to its night-vision capabilities.

The camera offers smart alerts, keeping you informed around the clock. It understands what it’s seeing and can differentiate between people, vehicles, and animals in its field of view.

By enabling video analytics and compatible cameras, you can set up Perimeter Guard™. When an intruder is detected, these cameras flash their LEDs and make noise, effectively deterring unwanted visitors. See Perimeter Guard in action here.

The camera records audio in the captured clips, enhancing your security coverage.

And with the SanDisk High Endurance 256GB memory cards (available for a maximum of two cameras), you can record 24/7 footage in high-definition, ensuring you don’t miss any critical moments.

The doorbell in our kit includes an internal chime, which can be placed centrally within your home. You can also open two-way speech communication via the app, making it ideal for interactions with delivery personnel even when you’re not at home.

This camera is designed to withstand outdoor conditions. It is waterproof and sealed against dust, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The camera can be linked to other smart home devices, allowing you to set rules for enhanced usability. For example, you can configure indoor lights to automatically turn on when motion is detected outside

Are you looking for an alarm sysTEm for commercial premises?

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